In the heyday of the 1950’s the creation of the Interstate and dam infrastructure of the US, and California in particular, allowed for the creation of clean hydro-electric energy, damning of flood zones and ease of using the highway system. I am interested in expanding the California Highway System to better serve the needs of the 75th District and help revitalize our great state.  I propose to increase funding to expand CA Highway 78 to four lanes all the way to the city of Ramona. This would have several positive effects, including the ability for residents to look further for quality employment opportunities and enhance their overall quality of life.

Additionally, I propose the expansion of the Sprinter from its current end point of Escondido to also include service to Valley Center. This will create additional economic access to the entire 78 Corridor, and increase job accessibility and commerce along the North San Diego region. It will also reduce travel time, and create easy access to CSUSM, Palomar College and Mira Costa for students and encourage economic development of North County and increase tourism to the beautiful local parks of North County.


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