I am not a regular Democrat when it comes to spending and taxes. The state of California doesn’t have a funding problem, it has an efficiency problem. Currently too much of  YOUR tax money is not being spent on services but is instead being wasted on inefficient bureaucracy that drives up the cost of programs across the board with no discernible benefit.

The way that I see it, it is not my job to ask for more taxes, and I will vote against tax increases that simply serve to fund the government. Instead I see it as my job to find and create efficiency in government programs and that allow them to offer better services to my constituents for less. This is why the proposals listed on this website are either revenue neutral or return money to the citizens of the state.  I want to serve my constituents by allowing them to make their own choices with hard-earned money, and decide how they want to make California better for everyone to live together in.


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