This Saturday the 9th I visited with my local Escondido Democrats to listen to Nicole Capretz of the Climate Action Campaign talk about her work with Community Choice Energy, a way for the people to have more say about the source of their energy needs as a way to save the planet and to stop being gouged by utility companies. After hearing what she had to say, I fully support Community Choice Energy and would work in Sacramento to get legislation passed that to encourage local communities to move in that direction for their energy needs.

We also received an update on the Escondido Library Outsourcing issue and are look forward to standing with my fellow Escondido Democrats and continuing the fight against privatization.

Afterwards I went to the Lake San Marcos Democratic Club and heard a great talk by Dr Carl Luna about the state of politics today. I also really enjoyed speaking with many of you at the club and look forward to speaking there in the future.