The current Cap and Trade system recently passed by Sacramento is something that I support on its merits. However, I do not agree with how the funds are being used to pay for additional infrastructure projects.  I propose creation of a system wherein the payments into the Cap and Trade system, drilling leases, and carbon based port fees are not used to pay for more government programs but instead through the use of a  yearly Cap and Trade dividend in the form of a rebate check.

This has a couple of advantages over the current system. First of all, the Cap and Trade system in place may well increase the cost of products due to higher production costs.  By giving the difference back to the people, these higher costs will be offset as money flows back to private taxpayers.

Secondly, the return of money to people’s pockets will put the power of the purse back in the hands of those best at accountability, the taxpayers.  They could use the money returned for home improvements, adding solar, or buying school supplies. There are other revenue streams that can be used for the projects that Sacramento wants to see, but I strongly believe that the Cap and Trade revenue stream rightly belongs to the people, and that it should be returned to them to serve their interests.

Finally, according to the legislation the costs of Cap and Trade will go up over time in an effort to combat CO2 pollution. This means that will Californians continue to lead the charge on climate change, but they will also receive increasing payments in the form of a cap and trade dividend for their efforts; while building and a more personal involvement with managing our precious environment.

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