About Eric

As a proud child of a military family, my youth was spent traveling the world and this allowed me to critically examine different cultures and ways of life. At the same time, being in a military family didn’t make it easy to find a home, however I found that home and an end to my travels in Southern California. After attending Fallbrook Union High School as a teen and enjoying the diverse opportunities only present in SoCal, I moved to Escondido where I have lived most of my adult life. So in this beautiful place with the valleys to the north and mountains to the east, I put roots down, bought a home, and started a family with Jessica, my lovely wife of ten years.

I graduated from California State University San Marcos, attending classes, getting involved in student leadership and serving as President of Sigma Tau Delta. As a Student Leadership Council member I learned the value of hard work, holding down a job to support my family while furthering my education. Most importantly to voters, it’s where I learned that rhetoric and dogma are less effective than understanding that being a leader is ultimately about what you can do for your supporters to make their lives better.

While attending college I have founded several tech and news media companies and understand the exceptional effort that goes into starting and running your own business. Throughout my life, I have lived the American Dream, starting with nothing and after years of effort, sweat and joy, I now proudly stand for election in the California State Assembly.

As a long time local of the 75th District, I want to bring my problem solving skills and love for community together and work to make the lives of my constituents in the 75th District and all Californians better. I look forward to earning your support, your trust, and your vote.